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Our department and faculty are committed to research in ophthalmology to enhance our understanding of ocular disorders and identify new targets for therapeutic intervention. We not only actively participate in major national clinical trials, but also focus on basic science and related translational research. The excellent collaborative effort between our clinical research faculty, fellows, residents and research faculty makes the environment most conducive for research in the department.

Basic Science Research

Our basic science research includes study on the effect of proton beam radiation and pathological ocular environments on ocular tissue.

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Translational Research

Our translational research efforts build on basic science research to improve therapies.

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Clinical Research

Our department actively participates in a number of NIH and industry-sponsored clinical trials, with major emphasis on trials related to retinal diseases.

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To achieve this aim, there are close interactions between the basic science researchers and the clinicians on a regular basis. Formal scheduled meetings are held four times a week from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. where clinicians and the researchers present, discuss and exchange ideas about current challenges in ophthalmology. These meetings take place in the form of M&M conferences, grand rounds, research administrative meetings, case presentations and clinical and basic science journal club presentations. The basic science journal club that takes place every Friday provides an opportunity for the basic science researchers to educate and inform the residents, fellows and the faculty regarding new developments relevant to clinical practice of the future. This time is also utilized for educating the clinicians about the relevant concepts of molecular and cell biology, with special emphasis on neurobiology.

The research laboratory provides a unique opportunity to the resident and fellows, as well as faculty members at the department of ophthalmology, to formulate and answer clinically relevant questions and to gain an insight into the pathophysiology of ocular diseases and a better understanding of current and experimental treatments. The laboratory is located within the premises of the clinical facilities allowing easy access to the clinicians to the laboratory facilities and expertise.

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On the other hand, close interaction of basic science researchers and the clinicians provides insight to the researchers to develop clinically relevant basic science research programs.